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Domino Console Commands – Router


Delivers mail to databases on this server and forwards it to other servers as required. This task has the following commands available to modify its behavior while it is running:


Shows the current mail routing delivery statistics.

Shuts down the mail routing process on the server, and compacts the MAIL.BOX database. If more than one MAIL.BOX is on the server (for example, MAIL1.BOX and MAIL2.BOX if the server is configured to have two), each of these databases is compacted in turn. When the compaction activity is complete, the router process is resumed.

Shows the current number of waiting mail items in the queues for each destination mail server.

Enables the use of shared mail on this server. It also changes the value of SHARED_MAIL to 2 in NOTES.INI. databasename is the name of the database used for the shared mail database, and a new database link called MAILOBJ.NSF is created in the server data directory, which points to databasename.



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