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How to get Exchange Server build/version numbers

How to get Exchange server build numbers/version numbers Get-ExchangeServer | ft Name,Edition,AdminDisplayVersion -autosize (or) Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List Name,Edition,AdminDisplayVersion Ref: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/new-features/build-numbers-and-release-dates?view=exchserver-2019

Exchange Online Mailbox Counts

Exchange Online Mailbox counts – PowerShell Command Get-exomailbox -resultsize unlimited |select DisplayName, UserPrincipalName, Alias, PrimarySmtpAddress, RecipientTypeDetails, EmailAddresses |export-csv “c:\MonthlyReport\AllMailboxescount.csv” -Notypeinformation

Exchange Event Logs CMDlets

Exchange Event Log Powershell CMDlets To view only the Exchange-related services that are currently running Get-Service *exch* | Where-Object {$_.Status -eq ‘Running’} The following example retrieves the services from every…

How to verify safe senders and blocked senders

Powershell Command: Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity “[email protected]” Result: