Domino Console Commands – Fixup


Fixes suspected corrupt Domino databases. These options can be combined as needed:

  • load fixup [database] -F

When fixup runs against multiple databases, by default it checks only documents with the last modified date since its last run. This parameter then forces the fixup task to check all documents in all databases being checked.

  • load fixup [database] -i

Checks only new documents in the database since the last run of fixup.

  • load fixup [database] -J

Runs fixup against databases that have transaction logging enabled. If this parameter isn’t used, fixup doesn’t check these databases.

  • load fixup -L

When used without specifying the database to check, logs every database suspected of being corrupted. The default is to log only when a database problem is found and needs to be corrected.

  • load fixup [database] -N

Changes the way that fixup operates when a corrupted document within a database is encountered. When this parameter is specified, any corrupted documents found are not deleted. A typical use of this is to allow documents to be copied to another database before fixup deletes them in an effort to retrieve documents from a corrupted database.

  • load fixup [database] -Q

Instructs fixup to be less thorough in its checking for corrupted documents in the database.

  • load fixup [database] -V

Specifies to not check views for corruption.

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