Domino Console Commands – MTC (Message Tracking Collector)

MTC (Message Tracking Collector)

Monitors the work of the Router process (which delivers mail in Domino) and keeps records as required as to what mail was sent to whom. This allows users and administrators to query mail status. This task does not need to be explicitly started; if mail tracking is enabled on the server by a Configuration document, then Domino will start this task automatically as the Router task is started.

  • tell mtc process

Collects information now for message tracking, rather than waiting for the message tracking interval.

  • tell mtc interval value

Changes the collection interval used for message tracking information by the MTC task.

  • tell mtc compact

Compacts the message tracking store database now.

  • tell mtc reindex

Reindexes the message tracking store database now.

  • tell mtc purge value

Purges collected message tracking information older than value days from the message-tracking database now.

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