Lotus Notes Domino Server Commands

Server Commands

Server commands let you perform tasks such as shutting down or restarting a server. You can enter commands manually at the console or remote console, some simple server commands are given below:

BroadcastSends a message to users of this server.
DropCloses one or more sessions.
ExitShuts down the server.
HelpDisplays a list of server commands.
LoadLoads and runs a specified program on the server.
QuitShuts down the server.
Set SecureSets password protection for the server console.
Show DirectoryLists all Notes databases in the Notes data directory.
Show DiskspaceShows the current disk space available on the Notes volume, drive, or file system or on the specified volume, drive, or file system.
Show MemoryDisplays available RAM, plus the boot drive’s swapping memory.
Show ServerShows server status information.
Show TasksShows the status of all active server tasks.
Show UsersLists all users who are currently accessing the server and the DB that they are using.

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