Spam-Control Mailbox for IronPort Customers

Uncaught spam submission Process: (How to report/submit spam emails to Ironport)

What to do if spam gets through

If spam gets through the filter and lands in your inbox, you should send it to IronPort uncaught spam submission mailbox. But don’t just click Forward.  Instead, follow these four easy steps (for Microsoft Outlook users).

Following these steps keeps more of the sender’s data available for the Messaging Team, should they need it:

Microsoft Outlook:

  1. While in your Inbox, select/highlight the spam message(s). You can select more than one message by holding the Ctrl key while single-clicking on each message with the left mouse button.
  2. From the Outlook menu, select EDIT, then COPY. Open a new mail message and address it to [email protected]
  3. From the menu in the new message, select EDIT then PASTE, to paste the spam messages into the body of the email.
  4. Click SEND and delete the original messages.

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