Exchange Online Protection

Exchange Online Protection

Exchange Online Protection is a cloud-based anti-spam and antivirus solution. Organizations can choose to deploy it as a single solution or a hybrid solution together with the Exchange Server on-premise antivirus protection. Because this is a cloud-based product, it does not require any hardware or software deployment. Instead, the current Mail Exchanger (MX) records of the on-premise Exchange Server are reconfigured to point to the servers where Exchange Online Protection is hosted.

Exchange Online Protection has the following features:

  • Web-based management console. Administrators can manage antivirus protection according to their organization’s requirements, even if the server is not hosted on-premise.
  • Multi-engine antivirus. Multiple engines that run on Exchange Online Protection eliminate malware threats before they reach the corporate network.
  • Real-time response. Exchange Online Protection is updated every two hours with definition updates and antimalware rules. Antimalware engines are updated before they are publicly released.
  • Email availability. If an on-premise Exchange Server infrastructure is unavailable for any reason, Exchange Online Protection automatically queues email and delivers messages once the Exchange Server infrastructure comes back online.
  • Reporting. This feature provides comprehensive reporting, auditing, and message-tracing capabilities.

For more information, see Exchange Online Protection.


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