Lotus Notes Administrative Tasks

  • Creation of new users
  • Processing of terminations (users/groups)
  • Mail moves
  • Application migration: from development environment to integration environment and from integration environment to production => C2s
  • Group creation/deletion/renaming/owner change
  • Creation of new database from template
  • Creation of mail–in database/documents
  • Database deletion/move
  • Creation of new replica
  • Resource creating/modifying/deleting
  • Monitoring of mail for outages (mailmon)
  • Daily monitoring of AdminP to ensure that requests are processed and troubleshoot/resolve processing errors
  • Daily monitoring of Log activity and problem/error reporting to CNO Administrators
  • Daily monitoring of Cluster Log and problem/error reporting to CNO Administrators
  • Testing of Domino and Notes versions
  • Continuous testing and improvement of Calendaring and Scheduling
  • Setting of Out of Office feature
  • Service requests for mail move/new users/name change/internet address
  • Change/new databases/new replicas
  • Managing quotas.

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